Association Canadienne de médecine nucléaire 

2020 Forum pour résidents

jeudi 23 avril 2020

2030 - 2200

If you are a resident (open only to residents) and would like to register ONLY for the Residents’ Forum on

Thursday, April 23rd,  please click on the Registration button below. Make sure to select Residents' Forum Only

when selecting the registration category. There is no fee to attend ONLY the Residents' Forum.

The Residents’ Forum is INCLUDED free of charge, when registering for 1-day or the 2-day Conference. If you wish to attend the full conference, you will need to select your registration category and then once on the registration form click on 'Residents' Forum as a session you will attend.

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  • Open ONLY to Residents

Residents' Forum Program 2020 

Brookstreet Hotel, Newbridge III

(Must be a Resident to register)

 Facilitators:  Denise Chan &  Peter Maliha

2030 - 2050   NM Practices in Canada, the US and WFNMB - Jean-Luc Urbain
2050 - 2110   NM Training: The European Experience and the WFNMB - Savvas Frangos
2110 - 2130

  Various Practices in Different Regions of Canada - Antoine Leblond, Jonathan Abele and Stephen

2130 - 2200   Issues of Nuclear Medicine Practice by Non-Royal College Trained Specialists - Antoine LeBlond,   Jonathan Abele and Stephen Dining
2200 - ON  Get Together 

Visit the Annual Conference page for more information and to view the full program by clicking here.

2020 CANM Annual Scientific Meeting


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