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Radiopharmacy Review Course objectives : 

Thursday September 29th from 0830-1730

Co-Chairs: Doug Abrams & Mihaela Ginj


This short course is designed to give an overview of the preparation of single photon (SPECT), positron emitting (PET) and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.  This will include the production of radionuclides, the preparation and quality control of the products and the quality assurance processes involved in the procedures and facilities where they are prepared.

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Radiopharmacy Review Course Program 2022 

OMNI Hotel, Montréal, Québec

0830 - 0900  Introduction - Mihaela Ginj and Doug Abrams
0900-1015  Radionuclide Production – Doug Abrams
 1015-1045  Coffee break 

 GMP in Radiopharmaceutical Production – Esther Schirrmacher

1115-1200   SPECT Tracers – Part I – Humphrey Fonge
1200-1300  Luncheon
1300-1345   SPECT Tracers – Part II – Mihaela Ginj
1345-1445   PET Tracers – Jan Andersson
1515-1615  Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals – Svetlana Selavinova
1615-1730   Q&A - Extra time 

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2022 CANM Annual Scientific Meeting


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