Speaker's Presentations 2016

Presentations for which the CANM has received permission to post on the Website from speakers; information accurate at date of presentation - April 23, 2016. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Radiopharmacy Course
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 Doug Abrams & Mihaela Ginj  Introduction to Radiopharmacy   Introduction to Radiopharmacy -  Michaela Ginj
 Kathy SeifertN/A  N/A
 Kennedy Mang'era Radiopharmaceutical Isotope  Production  Radiopharmaceutical Isotope  Production
 John Wilson Part 1  PER Production and QC - Part 1  Insights to PET and FDG
 John Wilson Part 2

 PER Production and QC - Part 2

 Expanding PET beyond FDG
 Kennedy Mang'era & Doug  Abrams -  Part 1  Technetium Radiopharmacy - Part 1  Radiopharmaceutical Isotope Production
 Kennedy Mang'era & Doug  Abrams -  Part 2  Technetium Radiopharmacy - Part 2  
 Mihaela Ginij  Cell Labeling  Radiolabelling of Autologous Cells
 Pamela Zabel   Radiopharmaceutical Therapies  Available in  Canada  Radiopharmaceutical Therapies  Available in Canada
 Mihaela Ginj  Miscellaneous Radiopharmaceuticals  NonTC99m SPEC T Diagnostic  Radiopharmaceuticals Available in  Canada
 Pamela Zabel   Radiopharmaceuticals in Commercial  Phase  III or IV Trials  Radiopharmaceuticals in Commercial  Phase III/IV Trials in Canada

Friday, April 22, 2016

Session 1 - Lung Cancer (Technologists' Program)
 Speaker  Presentation Slides Presentation Video
 Stephanie Snow  Oncology  Lung Cancer, The Oncology  Perspective
 Mathieu Castonguay  Pathology  Pathology of Lung Cancer
 Liam Mulroy  Radiation Oncology  Role of Radiotherapy in Nonsmall Cell  Lung Cancer
 Drew Bethune  Surgical  Surgical Lung Cancer
 Daria Manos  CT of Lung Cancer  CT of Lung Cancer
 Steven Burrell  PET  PET
Session 2 - Pediatric Nuclear Medicine
 Frederic Fahey  Dose Optimization in Pediatric  Nuclear  Medicine  Dose Optimization in Pediatric Nuclear  Medicine
 Peter Anderson  Pediatric Urology: The  Clinician's  Perspective

 Pediatric Urology: The Clinician’s  Perspective

 Raymond Lambert  N/A  N/A
 Amer Shammas  N/A  N/A 
Session 3 - Technologists' Program - Radiopharmacy
 François Couillard  International Isotope Supply    N/A
 Kennedy Mang'era  99mTc: Alternate Methods of Production   N/A
 Kathy Seifert  N/A  N/A
 Mihaela Ginj  Cell Labelling  N/A
 John Wilson  PET / PER  N/A

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Session 4 - The Future of Nuclear Medicine
 Speaker Presentation Slides Presentation Videos
 Patrick Bourguet  Organization & Practice of Nuclear  Medicine in Europe  Organization and practice of
 Nuclear Medicine in Europe
 Fernando Mut  The Future of Nuclear Medicine  The future of Nuclear Medicine
 François Couillard  The Future of Nuclear Medicine  The Future of Nuclear Medicine
 Jean-Philippe Vueillez  The Future of Nuclear Medicine  The future of Nuclear Medicine
 Sanjay Gambhir  The Future of Nuclear Medicine

 Nuclear Medicine Future

 Sally Schwarz  What Does the Future Hold for Nuclear  Medicine?  What does the future hold for Nuclear  Medicine?
 Anthony Ridgway  Health Canada  Health Canada
 David Barnes  Royal College - Nuclear Medicine  Training  Royal College- Nuclear Medicine  Training
Session 5 - Technologists' Program - Breast Cancer
 Daniel Rayson Breast Cancer: Oncology  Changing Paradigms in Cancer  Therapy
 Daniel Levin  The Role of Nuclear Medicine in Breast  Cancer  N/A
 Nichole Smith  Revisiting Wall Motions: A Technical  Refresher  N/A
 Sian Iles  The Utility of Pre-Operative Lymphatic  Mapping in Breast Cancer  N/A
 Sian Iles  Sentinel Node Breast Injections: An  Interactive Workshop  N/A
Session 6 - Radioisotope Therapy
 Daniel Rayson  Changing Paradigms in  Cancer Therapy

 Changing Paradigms in Cancer  Therapy

 Ravi Mohan   N/A  N/A 
 Sandy McEwan  Ga-68 PET Imaging of NET's  Ga-68 PET Imaging of NET’s
 Sandy McEwan  NET Therapy (MIBG and Lutetium)  NET Therapy (MIBG and  Lutetium)
 Rob Berry  Y90 Microspheres

 Y90 Microspheres

 Murali Rajaraman  Thyroid Cancer: What's New?  Thyroid Cancer: What’s New?
Session 7 - Technologists' Program - SPECT/CT
 Ash Wiley
 N/A  N/A
 Frederic Fahey  CT within Hybrid Imaging - Dosimetry &  Communicating with Patients  N/A
 Jennifer Sperry  Attenuation Correction in Myocardial  Perfusion Imaging  N/A
 Jonathan Bower & Jeremy Jackson  SPECT /CT Interesting Cases  N/A
 Mark Glazebrook  SPECT/CT Bone Scanning of the Feet:  Impact on Orthopedic Surgical  Intervention  N/A

Sunday, April 24, 2016

BuCH Radiopharmaceutical Development for Alzheimers
Speaker  Presentation Slides  Presentation Videos
 Sultan Darvesh  N/A  N/A
Session 8 - Cardiac
 Jean-Luc Urbain  N/A  N/A
 Fernando Mut  Future of MPI: PET  Nuclear cardiology in CHF patients
 Glen Wells  Future of MPI: PET  Future of Myocardial Perfusion Imaging:  SPECT with CZT
 Sanjay Gambhir  MPI and CCTA: Complementary or  Redundant?  

 MPI and CCTA: Complementary or  Redundant?

 James Clarke  Cardiac MRI and CT for the Nuclear  Medicine Physician  Cardiac MRI and CT for the Nuclear  Medicine Physician

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