Annual Meeting 2022

The CANM 2022 Annual Conference in Montréal, Quebec 

Fall 2022

The Canadian Association of Medicine Nuclear CANM conference is designed to deliver educational and networking values of the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging community. CANM invites you to register for long awaited in-person event in Montreal, Qc.

- Preliminary Program - 

Our first class  educational, scientific, research, and networking event in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging—is now accepting registrations. This is our first in-person event since the start of the pandemic and we can't wait to see all of you at the OMNI Hotel this automn

Overall objectives of the CANM's conference:

1- Maintain competence on a wide variety of up-to-date topics in Nuclear Medicine

2- Discuss hot new topics

3- Establish a network of Nuclear Medicine specialists

4- Promote Nuclear Medicine as a specialty

CANM Radiopharmacy Review Course objectives : 

Thursday September 29th from 0830-1615

Objectives: Co-Chairs Doug Abrams & Mihaela Ginj

This short course is designed to give an overview of the preparation of single photon (SPECT), positron emitting (PET) and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.  This will include the production of radionuclides, the preparation and quality control of the products and the quality assurance processes involved in the procedures and facilities where they are prepared.

0830-0900 – Introduction, Mihaela Ginj and Doug Abrams

0900-1015 - Radionuclide Production, Doug Abrams

1015-1045 - BREAK (Rooms: Foyer/Atrium/Pierre de Coubertin)

1045-1115 - GMP in Radiopharmaceutical Production, Esther Schirrmacher

1115-1200 - SPECT Tracers- Part 1, Humphrey Fonge

1200-1300 - LUNCHEON (Room Saison A/B) - (Rooms: Foyer/Atrium/Pierre de Coubertin)

1300-1345 - SPECT Tracers-Part 2, Mihaela Ginj

1345-1445 - PET Tracers, Jan Andersson

1445-1515 - BREAK (Rooms: Foyer/Atrium/Pierre de Coubertin)

1515-1615 - Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals, Svetlana Selavinova

1615-1730 - Q&A – Extra time

CANM Bone & Heart sessions + Updated Canadian criteria for brain-based definition of death : 

Friday September 30th from 0830-0945

Bone session #1a: Chair Dr. Jonathan Abele

0815-0915 - Contemporary Bone Scintigraphy, Ho Jen

0915-0945 - NaF PET Bone Scintigraphy, Anthony Ciarallo

Friday September 30th from 1000-1200

Heart session#1b: Chair Dr. Francois Lamoureux

1000-1030 - PET/CT Quantification of myocardial blood flow with Rb-82 for CAD diagnosis, John Prior (Virtual)

1030-1100 - Rene Sevag Packard (UCLA)

1100-1130 - FDG PET/CT imaging of cardiovascular infections, Gab Salomon Abikhzer

1130-1200 - Panel Discussion

Friday September 30th from 1300-1500

Updated Canadian criteria for brain-based definition of death, Session #2: Chair Dr. Lionel Zuckier 

1300–1330 - Need to produce an updated Canadian Criteria for a Brain-Based Definition of Death, Sam Shemie

1330-1400 - Ancillary tests in the determination of Death by Neurologic Criteria with emphasis on radionuclide methods, Lionel Zuckier

1400-1430 - Adult systematic review and updated recommendations, Michael Chasse

1430-1500 - Ancillary Test for Death Determination in Infants and Children: Systematic Review and Updated Recommendations, Nicole McKinnon

1500-1530 - Panel Discussion/Questions

Friday September 30th from 1530-1615

Abstract & Poster presentations: 

Friday September 30th from 1630-1730 

Afternoon tea Symposium : Building equitable access to PSMA-targeted radioligand therapy (RLT) across Canada

Infection imaging across Canada, Covid World view & PSMA session

Saturday October 1st from 0800-1015

Infection Imaging across Canada Session #3: Chair Dr. Salem Yuoness

0800-0830 - WBC Imaging, Ho Jen

0830-0900 - Gallium Imaging, Marc Hickeson

0900-0930 - FDG PET Imaging, Reinhard Kloiber (Virtual)

0930-1015 - Panel Discussion

Saturday October 1st from 1045-1200

Covid World View (AIEA) Session #4: Chair Dr. Jean-Luc Urbain

1045-1115 -Francesco Giammarile - IAEA

1115-1145 - Diana Paez - IAEA

1145-1200 - Round table discussion  

Saturday October 1st from 1300-1500

PSMA Session #5: chair Dr. Jean-Luc Urbain

1300-1345 - Imaging, PSMA PET/CT cases (pre/post therapy), G Berenji

1345-1430 – Theranostics, Stephan Probst

1430-1515- The Future of Nuclear Oncology for PSMA Theranostics, Dr.James Patrick Buteau

1515-1530 - Panel discussion and Q&A

Thursday September 29th

CANM Radiopharmacy Review Course 

Co-Chairs: Doug Abrams and Mihaela Ginj

0830-0900 - Introduction

0900-1015 - Radionuclide Production

1045-1115 - GMP in Radiopharmaceutical Production

1115-1200 - SPECT Tracers- Part 1

1300-1345 - SPECT Tracers-Part 2

1345-1445 - PET Tracers

1515-1615 - Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals

1615-1730 - Q&A – Extra time

Friday September 30th

Bone session #1a :

Chair Dr.Jonathan Abele


Heart session #1b :

Chair Dr.Francois Lamoureux


Updated Cnd Criteria session #2 

Chair: Dr.Lionel Zuckier


Abstracts & Poster presentations :


Afternoon tea Symposium :


Saturday October 1st 

Panel on infection imaging Session #3 :

Chair Dr.Salem Yuoness


Covid session #4: World View (W.H.O)

Chair Dr.Jean Luc Urbain


PSMA session #5: 

Chair Dr.Jean Luc Urbain


Disclaimer : please note that this is the preliminary scientific program schedule and changes may occur. Final program schedule will be available/released online on June 3rd 

- Symposiums/Forums & Social events -

Forums & Symposiums

Thursday September 29th

Industry Forum - 1930-2200

Residents' Forum - 1930-2200

Friday September 30th

Luncheon Symposium - 1200-1300

Afternoon tea Symposium - 1550-1645

Saturday October 1st

Sunrise Symposium - 0700-0800

Luncheon Symposium - 1230-1330

CANM's social events 

Thursday September 29th

1600-1900 - Registration

1800-1930 - Welcome reception with Exhibitors 

Friday September 30th

0700-1000 - Registration

0700-1700 - Poster set-up

0800-0815 - Welcome message

1430-1530 - Abstracts and poster 

1900-ON - CANM's social 

Saturday October 1st

0700-1000 - Registration

Now is the perfect time to finalize your plans to attend the 2022 CANM Annual Conference, September 29th to October 1st in Montreal, Quebec. 


As an attendee, we encourage you to take advantage of the conference intimate setting—structured to enhance collaboration and networking opportunities—to expand your knowledge on the latest innovations and techniques in the field during great sessions.

Complete your registration today. We can't wait to see you in Montreal this Fall!


The CANM has reserved a block of guestrooms at Hotel Omni Mont-Royal, in downtown Montréal. 

These rooms will be held until Friday, September 9, 2022 and reservations will be accepted on a space availability basis only. 

Accommodation reservations must be made by the delegate, directly with the hotel. 

When booking, please quote the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine (CANM) in order to secure the conference rate.

Online Reservation:

Click here : CANM Hotel reservation link

1050 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Quebec H3A-2R6

Online Reservation:

Click here : CANM Hotel reservation link

What to do in Montreal 

In collaboration with Tourisme Montreal we have put together a list of things to do in Montreal in Fall. As a 2022 conference attendee, you have access to special discounts and advance purchase savings for you and your family.

Travel Discounts

The CANM has obtained discounts with Air Canada and Via Rail.

More travel information click here



Promo Code X2RMXWQ1  for travel to Montreal between September 29th - October 2nd, 2022.  

Covid 19 restrictions

At this time, the 2022 CANM Annual Conference is scheduled to be held in person in Montreal, QC. We will continue to monitor the ongoing conditions in Quebec  and across the world and communicate any changes to the meeting should they arise. 

In an effort to recognize the uncertainty of the situation, CANM  is waiving its cancellation fee for the 2022 conference.

The Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine  is committed to ensuring that appropriate and necessary health and safety protocols will be in place for this event. We will follow all Health Canada safety protocols and recommendations and will comply with all federal, state, and local regulations. Attendees must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and masks will be required.

For more info please visit the Accommodation and travel page HERE

- Exhibitor Information - 

Exhibitor Information 

More details to come, June 3rd 

For more informations, please contact Nicolas Rondeau Lapierre


More details to come, June 3rd 

For more informations, please contact Nicolas Rondeau Lapierre


- Abstracts and Eric Keep Vignettes - 

Abstracts and Eric Lepp Vignettes

For more informations, please contact Nicolas Rondeau Lapierre


Submission deadline: August 19th 

Please visit our web page for more information - click here

- CANM Emeritus Award - Call for Nominations 

CANM Emeritus Award - Call for Nominations

For more informations, please contact Nicolas Rondeau Lapierre


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